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Every year the brewing industry loses many millions of pounds through the theft of containers (kegs, casks and dispense gas cylinder).

Container owners' use only authorised scrap metal dealers to dispose of unwanted or damaged containers, details of these are posted on the BBPA and Keg Watch websites. These scrap metal dealers and the authorised sites listed have undergone stringent audits and are able to meet the strict criteria for the destruction of containers required by the brewing industry.

In the case of dispense gas cylinders, misuse or tampering with these items is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury or death for anyone in the vicinity. Scrap metal dealers should never cut or crush gas cylinders, they remain the property of the owning gas company and should be returned. If you come across gas cylinders in your yard, take them out of the process and store in a secure compound before contacting the cylinder owner or Keg Watch to arrange collection.

As a scrap metal merchant you WILL KNOW if you have the authority of the owner to scrap their containers-if you are in any doubt whatsoever, then YOU ARE NOT authorised.

Remember, if you are found in unlawful possession of containers, legal action WILL be taken against you. Do not put yourself and/or your business at risk, refuse to accept containers. If any person attempts to dispose of containers through your business take their details, vehicle make/model and registration number and report it immediately to Keg Watch on 0808 100 1945 or via our contact page.

Our actions to date have seen numerous scrap dealers receive heavy fines and , in some cases, custodial sentences for illegally destroying brewer's containers.

Do not become a victim, do not put your livelihood at risk-refuse to accept containers and help the industry stamp out this crime.

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