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Can I scrap kegs/casks/cylinders (containers)?

If you are a brewer or owner of the container you are legally allowed to scrap your own containers.  Anyone else is not authorised.  It is only the contents of the container that is sold, never the container itself.

For more information please contact Keg Watch or the BBPA.

I don’t want to wait for Keg Watch to collect. Can I take them anywhere else?

No.  The supplier, owning breweries and Keg Watch (via its collection agents) are the only companies who can collect containers.


I am a Brewer & I have a lot of containers on my yard, can I drop them off into a Keg Watch yard?

If you are a brewer, you can deliver containers into the yard for a fee.  If you are not happy to pay a fee, please log the containers on to your Spa Trak for a minimum of 28 days before Keg Watch can collect. (This gives other brewers an opportunity to arrange a collection at their own costs). To visit Spa Trak click here.


I am an owner of a licensed premise & I have a lot of containers, can I drop them off into a Keg Watch yard?

If you are not a brewer, you cannot deliver kegs/casks into a Keg Watch yard.  If you contact the office and explain the situation, we will facilitate the uplift either by the owner or Keg Watch which is free of charge.


Which cylinders do you collect?

We only collect cylinders that have been used for beer dispense; Co2 or mixed gas.

We do not collect propane, butane, helium or medical gas.


Can I source an old keg/cask for upcycling?

No.  Kegs and casks should only be used for transportation of beers, lagers and ciders.  They should not be used for upcycling into stools, planters, bbqs or anything else.


Do I get a finder’s fee?

No.  Keg Watch do not pay a finder’s fee.  Kegs/casks/cylinders always remain the property of the owning company.  Containers are usually stamped with a brewery name and if not, they usually have colour bands painted on to the belly of the container which can be used for identification.   


Do you sell old kegs/casks?

No.  The containers do not belong to Keg Watch and therefore not ours to sell.  The containers remain the property of the owning company until they decide to scrap them or sell them on to another brewer.


Where can I buy kegs/casks?

If you are sourcing containers for brewing purposes, please contact a manufacturer. You can also hire kegs from companies such as Ecasks & Craft EKegs/Close Brewery Rentals, Keg Logistics or Kegstar.

Please do not purchase kegs or casks for anything other than brewing.


I have found a keg/cask/cylinder abandoned in my garden/by the side of the road, what do I do?

Call Keg Watch or email us at We will arrange a free collection and return it to the owning company.


I have recently bought a property and it is full of old containers, how do I get rid of them?

Contact Keg Watch. We will take some details and facilitate the uplift.  The containers are not part of the sale and should be returned to the owning companies.


I am a manager of a pub/bar and we have a lot of containers which have been left by the breweries for a long time. What can I do?

Contact Keg Watch using the collection request form or email us at we will take some details and facilitate the uplift, either by the owning companies or Keg Watch.

It would be helpful if you could provide a list of the quantities and owning brewers to speed up the process of arranging for a collection.


I bought a keg from my local cash & carry and I can’t return it via them, what do I do?

Contact Keg Watch using the collection request form or email to arrange a free collection.


If the brewery has now closed, can I keep the keg/cask?

No.  When breweries close, they usually sell their containers on to other breweries.  The container most likely now belongs to another brewery.  To return it, please call us or email


Can I sell kegs/casks/cylinders on selling sites such as Ebay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace?

No.  The containers are not yours to sell and need to be returned to the legal owners.  Please do not attempt to sell them.  We monitor these selling sites on a daily basis.

Proceeding with a sale on internet auction sites could result in a prosecution.

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